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The vast majority of our clients get the job interviews THEY want shortly after sending their new resumes to prospective employers. If YOU happen NOT to be called in for interviews within 30 days, we'll revise your resume at no additional charge!

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We do both! Our secure resume order form allows you to attach your existing resume for updating, makeover, and transformation and/or to tell us about your education, experience, and other pertinent information so that our writers can begin creating a NEW resume "from scratch." In either case, you are assured of our very best efforts to create a document that will score you job interviews and help you to achieve your career goals.

From time to time, will you be available to update the resume that you create for me? 
Unless you specify otherwise, Engineering-Resumes.Com will store a confidential copy of your resume for future updates. You can log in to our online customer service center at any time and re-hire our contracted writers to make adjustments, updates, or changes. Discounted rates apply for most updates/changes. Use the "RESUME UPDATE" button in our service center [after you've placed your initial order] for more details.

Can Engineering-Resumes.Com help me find a job?
Yes, we can! When we email your completed resume to you, it will include a plethora of FREE tutorial information on finding jobs, making a positive impression during interviews, and more. If these items aren't sufficient, you should strongly consider ordering our "JOB HUNTER" service---which will entitle you to also receive a strategically designed list of 30 companies in you area to which we suggest you submit your new resume.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with your service?
100% client satisfaction is GUARANTEED! If there is anything about our resume writing or related services with which you are not completely satisfied, tell us about it within 30 days of completion and we'll correct the issue promptly! It is our goal to leave you AMAZED enough with our service to tell your peers about us! Since the mid-1990s, tens of thousands of clients have been helped by our contracted resume writers. Experience what they
hiring us!

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